DIY easy paper flower

It's so easy and fun, so I decided to make a few paper flowers, but instead of tissue paper, I used napkins with Christmas motives. So it turned out kind of like holiday decoration idea :)

Here are the steps:

Here more detailed:

Step 1: Take your square napkin and separate its layers - mine has 3,  so I used only the most outer layer, that was most colorful.  
Step 2: Cut the napkin in half.

Step 3: Fold in the middle, so you have 2 layers.
Step 4: Fold again in the middle so you have 4 layers.

Step 5: Fold again in the middle for 8 layers.
Step 6: Fold diagonally to make triangle.

Step 7: Fold the triangle again in the middle.
Step 8: Fold the small triangle again in the middle.

Step 9: You should end up with something like this.
Step 10: Cut out the edges like shown to form the petals.

Step 11: It should look like one petal.
Step 12: Open it and it should look like 8 petal flower.

Step 13: Separate the layers - they have to be 8.
Step 14: Stack them again, so they do not overlap with each other by form.

Step 15&16: Use a stapler to secure all of the flowers in the middle.

Step 17: Fluff them a little bit, so they don't lay flat.

And you are done!