DIY pretty box from chips container

Cute gift idea - jewelry box

I was thinking how can I use the big cylindrical container from the chips... and I've figured it out - with the help of some inexpensive materials, that I already had at home, I made a pretty storage box. It is perfect for jewelry or ribbons for your crafts! Here are the steps:

What you need:
Step 1: Use sharp knife to cut the cylinder whatever high you prefer your box to be.
Step 2: Cut to 2 pieces of the thread with the length of the cylinder's width.

Step 3: Make a twisted rope with the two pieces of the thread.
Step 4: Glue the rope to the top edge of the cylinder, so when closed, the lid is secured.

Step 5: Glue the wrapping paper around the cylinder. I made this design and printed it. Here is the pattern, if you like it:

Step 6: Cut out 2 circles from the paper, using the size of the lid as a guide - one for the lid and one for the bottom inside the cylinder.

Step 7&8: Glue the circles as it is shown below:

Step 9: Use the satin ribbon to decorate the box - I used it on the bottom so the metallic edge of the container is covered.
Step 10: Place your jewelry inside and that's it!

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