DIY Ribbon Star

I looove perfectly wrapped gifts with a cute bow on the top! And I love making it - it's really easy and fun, too! Here are the steps:

1. Make a 8 pointed star cardboard stencil and number them like shown below. I made printable, if you like to download it and print it:

2. With some tape stick the end of the ribbon to the stencil, so it doesn't move.

3. Wrap the ribbon around the corners, following the numbering, starting from 1 to 8.
4. Repeat Step 3 three times. If you want fluffier star, repeat more.

5. Use a stapler to secure all of the ribbon ends, crossing in the back and remove the stencil.
6. Remove the tape from step 2 and turn it towards the center to cover the metal staples and to form circle.

And that's it - cute ribbon, perfect for gift wrapping!