DIY Glass Jar Decoration

I saw so many jar decorations all over the web and I really wanted to make my own DIY project. Plus I already had a few empty Nutella jars :) Mine turned out pretty cute (not so neat, but I like it). Here are the steps:

What I used:
1. Empty clean glass jar.

2. Window decoration paints - purple and gold.


1. Start making small dots around the jar with the paint - mine was with pointed tip and that definitely made it easier for men.

2. Decide how you want to look your design.

3. I left mine to dry over night, so I can continue dotting on the bottom part of the jar. My design is gold from the top and purple at the bottom.

4. Pop some (fake) flower and it looked finished! I totally can used it also as a small vase, because when the paint dried, it won't wash off.